Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Latvia - a very unique destination

Hello again and sorry for not updating the blog earlier, we have had camera issues and during this cruise we have had too much rain. After a beautiful call into Copenhagen we have spent the day in Helsinki and two (very wet days) in St Petersburg. The photographs above are of a very unique destination - Riga in Latvia and our guests enjoyed the sunshine and beauty of this Latvian Capital. Yesterday we were in Stockholm and we are now at sea heading towards Warnemunde the port call for Berlin. The weather promises to be good so do come back in a few days time when we will share a comprehensive selection of images from Berlin, Rostock and the beautiful seaside port of Warnemunde

Friday, 7 August 2009

Railways, Sea Planes, Pirates & sunshine!!!

This cruise is nearing an end and I thought that I would upload as many images as possible to celebrate this sensational cruise. Norway has been majestic, the weather, our guests and the amazing scenery once again. Last night we had our famous Pirates Evening on board, our guests enjoyed the show, I thought you might like to see what happens behind the scenes too.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Norway in August - Sensational

Well, our Spitzbergen cruise is over and we are back again in the Southern Norwegian Fjords. The weather is sensational, the scenery speaks for itself and as you can see after three months even members of the cruise team are still smiling. We have already called at Stavanger, Olden - where you can see some beautiful images taken at the famous Brikstal Glacier and today we are in Molde and Andalsnes. We head to Bergen tomorrow before sailing back across the North Sea to Harwich. Check out the blog in a few days time for more sensational Norwegian images.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Spitzbergen, Magdalenafjord and those lovely Huskies

Well we have quite an eventful few days, we enjoyed the Midnight sun on the 22nd July from the North cape and then headed even further north for the remote and barren island of Spitzbergen. Many of our guests enjoyed visiting the Huskie dogs and meandered around the small township of Longyearbyen. Later on we sailed for the Magdalena fjord - a beautiful natural spectacle. Yesterday we visited the beautiful Arctic town of Tromso where our guests enjoyed a selection of excursions in some very un arctic like temperatures - it was very hot!. We are now heading south towards Andalsnes and Molde and then onto the beautiful hanseatic city of Bergen. Check out the blog in a few days time to see how our cruise to Spitzbergen, Fjords and the Arctic circle ends.
MUM & DOM - you can see who the message is from at the top!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We are now on top of the world

Yesterday at 7.10pm we crossed into the Arctic circle on our way to Honningsvag for the North Cape Experience. A number of our guests braved the fresh arctic chill and witnessed the moment we passed the marker globe which is situated on a small island. Each guest received a commenorative certificate to welcome them to this very special club. So, this evening we will be at the North Cape and then we head for Spitzbergen on our quest to find Polar bears. Come back soon to see more of our Arctic antics

Sunday, 19 July 2009

We are at sea, time to see what the Page & Moy team and crew are up to

Well, we are at sea heading towards Spitzbergen. We left Harwich yesterday and we will arrive into Floro a beautiful Norwegian township tomorrow morning. Our guests have settled in and I thought that you might like to see what happens behind the scenes. The sun may be shining but business continues with rehearsals, preparation in the office for our first port of call and of course an extensive daytime activity programme of talks, port talks, quizzes, games and events. This evening our Captain welcomes all of our guests aboard at his cocktail party and Gala Dinner. Then our show team present the first of their spectacular shows Magnificent Musicals. If you are viewing this blog right now, you may be interested to know that since we started over 3000 people have also popped by to say hello - thanks. Check out the blog in a few days time when we will share some of our Norwegian and Spitzbergen memories with you - lets hope we see some whales and a polar bear or two?

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Tall Ships, Sensational Sunshine & Palaces

We are in the middle of our popular St Petersburg & The Baltic itinerary and have just spent two glorious days in St Petersburg. We have been very lucky as the Tall Ships race started yesterday and many of our guests witnessed this spectacular. One of the highlights of St Petersburg are the amazing palaces and above you can see some images taken yesterday at Peterhof and Pushkin. We are in Tallinn today and I will share some of the highlights of Tallinn with you in the next posting